Hi Bina! We do have some more questions….

What can we expect from your wedding photography?
My fine art wedding photography should capture your whole day, from beginning to the end, real, simple, natural, happy, bright, emotional and in love. I want to tell your story with my pictures and that fits in the most exciting way, when I start with the calm before the storm, the getting ready until your opening dance and the start of your party. That´s the best way to capture all facets of your day. Of course, every wedding is individual, so I can give you some advises for your timeline that fits the best way to you and your wishes.


Are you joining us on our destination wedding or elopement?
Of course! There is no better mixture for me then love, photography and travel. So if you want me to capture your destination wedding or elopement anywhere in the world, I would love to join you on your journey. Let´s start your adventure! I‘ll follow you no matter where you want to say “I do“ to each other.


For how long do you join us on our wedding day?
My wedding package starts with a 8hour minimum on weekends (Friday to Sunday). That usually covers most of the day, the getting ready to the dinner or to the first dance, depending on your time schedule. About 8-12 hours is a wedding duration that people book frequently. I would suggest you to capture the whole day so that I can be your storyteller for your wedding day. We can estimate your individual duration, I‘m sure I‘ll have some tips and advises for you.
Smaller ceremony packages are available in the weekdays (Monday to Thursday).


Do you bring someone with you?
I always bring an assistant with me who is going to help me out the whole day so that I can concentrate on only capturing you and your love. If you want a second shooter, you can book one in addition. I would recommend to do so for a larger wedding.
Usually, 95% of my weddings, I‘ve photographed by myself with help of my assistant.

Which packages do you offer?
My whole day coverage package starts at a minimum duration of 8 hours. It includes a minimum of 500 pictures, digital edited in my portfolio style and quality and in high resolution on a flash drive. The exact number of pictures depends on your day and the duration that I‘m with you. The editing can need up to 4 weeks while high season, usually it‘s faster. Besides, you‘ll get a password protected online gallery for you and your guests. You can book more hours or wedding albums in addition. Please contact me for more information to my prices and packages by saying hello: hello@binaterre.com


How do we know we will fit?
Since you‘re already landed on my website and my FAQ, that is probably a good sign. Cause I suppose you like my pictures and my style. Of course that´s not the only essential. To get to know me better you can gladly read my About, drop over to my Instagram or make friends with me on Facebook
What I love are couple that value details, break rules and traditions, that are creative, in love with treasures, natural, happy. Of course, I‘m most happy if you value photography, the perfect light, beautiful situations. Cause your pictures are, besides the rings and the partner of course, the only thing that last forever. You have just one chance to capture your memories the way you want. So both the photographer (hopefully that´s me ;) ) and the style should enchant you.


Can we chat with you to get to know you?
Of course! Most of my bridal couples book me without a “first look“, cause the already got to know me via my website or social media. A personal chat, even after booking, is essential for me. The best time for our chat is when you already know your approximately schedule for your wedding day but when it´s not so advanced that I can still give you some advises. But it‘s also very important to just get to know each other, cause I‘m going to capture your most intimate and magical day and it would be the best to do so as your friend, not only photographer. So I would love to welcome you in the beautiful Düsseldorf Medienhafen or, if you‘re from far away or want to book a small coverage, we can gladly Skype.
Our chat is possible between Monday and Thursday. You understand for sure that my weekends are full and if there are weekends with some free time, I want to spend them with my love and my family :) Cause these days are the only days my love, family and I do have some free time at the same time.


What about engagement, pre- or after-wedding-session?
I suggest all my couples to do an engagement- or pre-wedding-session. It‘s a perfect way to get to know each other, to get to know how I work and of course, to get to know how you like to be in front of the camera to prepare for your big day and to save some time on that magical day. It‘s perfect to combine this with our “get-to-know“ chat or if this is not possible, to schedule this the day before the wedding. If it was raining on your wedding day, or there was´t enough time or the right place for it, an after-wedding-session is also a great idea to fulfill your dream in a calm atmosphere. These Sessions are available weekdays or the days prior or after your wedding day.


Can we order a wedding album?
Yes, and I warmly recommend this to you. Your printed images have a different charm than your pictures only on your computer, phone or tablet in an album that tells your story. It‘s much more beautiful to show them with an album than only open a folder on your computer. They are timeless.


What about a video?
I´m not doing videos by myself but I do know a lot of videographers that I can warmly recommend to you. Besides the pictures it´s always a great way to capture your day.


Do you also edit pictures in black and white?
As you probably may see in my portfolio, I adore colors. But black and white pictures do have their own charm of course, so I edit about 5-10& of your pictures in black and white. Which ones will be in color or in black and white depends on the photos, so I decide which style fits the best.


Do you retouch our pictures?
Your selection will be digital edited in for example color, contrast and brightness (like in my portfolio). A retouch of your skin is not included, but has not yet been necessary. My soft, bright editing style is flatter for the skin itself. If there are some of your couple pictures with some uncleanness, I will for sure try to retouch them. I recommend you in every case, to book a professional hair and makeup artist and to schedule to bridal couple session as close as possible while sunset. The light and the colors are flatter to your skin and the colors of the pictures will be soft and beautiful.


Are you going to publish our pictures?
I love to show weddings that fit to me, my vision and my portfolio on my website, social media, on unique wedding blogs or magazines. I guess you also found me via my pictures and with my portfolio you were able to get a first impression of me and my style. It‘s always a pleasure to me and touches me to join your beautiful wedding and to show the results, your emotions, your love and your memories. Cause who doesn‘t want to show what they love?
I always send you a selection of the images that I want to publish prior to show them somewhere. If there are one or another you don‘t like, I will eliminate them of course. You can have a look at my portfolio „Work” how these selections can look like.
Of course, I respect your privacy if you don‘t want your wedding to be published. I hope you understand on the other side, that a up-to-date portfolio is essential for me. So if you don‘t want to get published, I take an extra charge of 20%.


Are the weddings in your portfolio all real weddings?
Yes! All my weddings that I describe as weddings are real weddings. There are some additional wedding inspirations in my portfolio to inspire you with new ideas and styles.


For how long do you archive our pictures?
I archive your pictures for 12 months. I can warmly recommend you to save them several times by yourself, so that they can last forever. Don‘t forget to save them on new storage media, since the flash drives (like the CDs)  probably won‘t last forever. Another beautiful way to archive your pictures is the Album.


Which languages do you speak?
I speak german and english but I can try to speak the language of love as well if these languages doesn´t fit to yours :)


Can we reserve our wedding date? 
Please understand that I can‘t reserve your wedding date since I have daily requests in my inbox. I gladly secure your wedding day as soon as I get a fixed booking confirmation and a deposit.


How can we book you?
For a fixed booking I‘ll charge a deposit (about 50% of your package) and send you a contract. Your wedding will be in my calendar as soon as I receive your incoming payment. I‘ll be always there for tips, ideas and recommendations.


How to contact me the best way?
Please send me a mail with your details to hello@binaterre.com or just fill in my contact form. It would be amazing if you tell me some details about your wedding day, where you want to say “I do”, ideas for your day, style, why you like me or my work and of course, some details about who you are. If you also like diving, skiing, animals or if you like coffee instead of tea. What else do you like, do, your engagement. Please feel free to tell me your story so that I can get to know you a bit. I love to hear from you and to meet you for a tea (or coffee ;) ) in beautiful Düsseldorf or for a nice chat via Skype.