Memories. This is, what always touched me. To look the pictures of our old family albums and to forget the time. And what is more beautiful than to capture memories for other as well. Because of that, it´s most important to me that you share so much of YOU on that day as possible. You should seperate from all those “wedding traditions” if they don´t fell like you and always question, if they fit your style and your idea of a perfect day. So please only gift yourself with things that really reflect you and make you happy.

I absolutely adore weddings, that are made with love for details, which are natural, emotional and creative. A Hippie-Backyard-Wedding with a ceremony in the garden, diy-weddings, barn weddings, or boho brides. I also like urban chic weddings in cool lofts or old factory buildings. Or what about a château wedding reloaded, you can define it in a new way.

Besides the photography I love to travel. So if you have some free place in you luggage I´d love to join you on your destination wedding or elopement all over the world.

You can find some more details and what to expect in my Q&As.

Please leave me some details about both of you, who you are, where you´re going to marry, if you have a wedding theme… Some details about you and your day so that I can imagine who you are on the other side. You can fill out my contact form for your wedding request or send me a mail to

I love to hear from you and your story!