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Soeur Coeur – Bridal line 2018

Soeur Coeur bridal line 2018

When Janina asked me to shoot their new Soeur Coeur bridal line for 2018 I was so excited! I got to know her on her friends wedding which I photographed (Anika and Patrick) and was immediately in love with Anikas bridal dress by Soeur Coeur. It´s so feminine, unique, natural and was the perfect fit for Anika. Right after the wedding we planned to shoot some of her dresses and traveled to the netherlands. This day was such a hot day so it was perfect to spend it at the beach.

For the new collection we decided to shoot in the lovely Schloss Diersfordt which is based in Wesel, Germany. Everything in there was so beautiful, the light, the windows, the „undone“ wall. I fell in love with this place and the atmosphere and it would be perfect for an intimate wedding. I hope you like the results!

Love and light, Bina


Bridal Dress: Soeur Coeur Hair & Make-up: Natalie Arslan Bridal Bouquet: DIY by Janina Selbach Model: Stefanie Seiffert Location: Schloss Diersfordt, Germany Year: 2018