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Desert elopement inspiration in Spain – Teresa and Philippe

Teresa and Philippe – Desert elopement inspiration in Spain


To all adventures couples out there… why don´t you plan a desert elopement? You maybe have to walk there, maybe even to hike there. But it will be worth it. It will be breathtaking and the light will be so impressive. That´s what I know now after wandering around the desert of Mahoya and the Rio Chicamo close to it in Spain. It was so silent and lonely and I´m sure that you’ll be there one your own… most of the times. If you love adventures, wandering and nature, this might be the perfect fit for you.

I found these places while my holidays in Spain and was immediately impressed by it. So when I planned a love shoot with these cuties, Teresa and Philippe, I knew where to capture their love in a special way. When we met there, they were so cute together. Already a couple for 4 years but it looks like their in a new relationship. Always cuddling, kissing and making some jokes. It didn´t feel like meeting them for the first time, so it was really intimate and trustful.

We started at the Rio Chicamo where we had to walk some minutes to find this place which looked to me like we were transported to the USA. But… we didn´t… obviously. It was all the beauty and another side of Spain. The colors of the high wall of rocks and was fitting just perfect into the outfits and our imagination of the shooting. After sunset we drove to the desert of Mahoya to capture some more moments and another breathtaking view and landscape. We stayed there until it was really dark but I tried to photograph as long as there was a tiny light left cause these two were so amazing together.So we finished when the moon was getting really big and the desert began to cool down to a freezing temperature.

Thank you Teresa and Philippe, for your trust and your love for each other. For being cute, kind, wild and happy. For making this day to a very special one for all of us.

In love, Bina

Bridal dress by Victoria Rüsche | Hand dyed silk ribbons by Seidenband | Flower Bouquet picked and tied by Bina


Lovebirds: Teresa und Philippe Bridal Dress: Victoria Rüsche Bridal Bouquet: Bina Terré Silk Ribbons: Seidenband Location: Mahoya, Spain Year: 2017