IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9704.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9237.jpg INLOVE_by_Bina_9217.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9019.jpg INLOVE_by_Bina_8999.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9185.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9069.jpg INLOVE_by_Bina_8978.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9282.jpg INLOVE_by_Bina_9114.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9103.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9174.jpg INLOVE_by_Bina_9873.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9105.jpg INLOVE_by_Bina_9436.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9402.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9042.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9718.jpg INLOVE_by_Bina_9433.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9164.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9049.jpg INLOVE_by_Bina_9535.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9024.jpg INLOVE_by_Bina_9868.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9657.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9970.jpg INLOVE_by_Bina_9285.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9723.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9980.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9931.jpg INLOVE_by_Bina_9342.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9355.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9271.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9366.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9393.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9755.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9296.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9272.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9678.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9948.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9408.jpg IN_LOVE_by_Bina_9637.jpg

Bridal dress inspiration for your beach wedding

Bridal dress inspiration for your beach wedding


Thats why I love love love my job. Going with some amazing women on a 3h roadtrip to the sea in the netherlands to capture these amazing dress, woman, landscape and light. It was a day full of laugher and inspiring talks. We felt like having a day off, not working, not doing anything but enjoying the sun,the sea and the photoshoot. I could have stayed there for some days but we were supposed to leave right after sunset to get back home to our loved ones. I realized then that 3 hours (and 3hours back) are such a small time investigation to be at the beach and breath some fresh salted air, that I need to do this more often. Maybe I will… I hope I will. Thank you Frieda Therés for featuring our inspiration!

And thanks to the awesome team:

Bridal Dress by Soeur Coeur

Hair and Makeup by Liebesart

and our lovely bride Michelle via Brüderchen and Schwesterchen


Bridal Dress: Soeur Coeur Hair & Make-up: Janine (Liebesart) Bride: Michelle Year: 2016