Hi, I´m Bina! In love with life, my better half, my family, my friends, soft light and sunset. I love to travel around the world to discover new places, people and to experience life in it´s most beautiful way. I love to surprise myself by fighting against my fear, open water is a big one of them but, however, I was diving in the great barrier reef in Australia, I was snorkeling with manta rays on Fiji, and finally made a diving license in the most amazing Red Sea in Egypt. Besides my new passion, diving, I also love to go skiing in the Alpes, to have a ride with my cute, mint colored bike scouting new locations or just hanging out with my love and friends.I´m an animal lover, always finding myself changing my voice if I see anything cute and starting to act weird and speaking some kind of animal language … My cat got about 100 different names from me, like Butterblume, Engelbert, Honigflocke, Chuchu…her real name is Amy… Cutest cat ever…

When I do have some free time, I also love to bake cakes, cupcakes, banana bread or try to cook new recipes. I´m a tea drinker, although I absolutely adore the smell of coffee. It always reminds me on my childhood, holidays…Cause there was always coffee in the front of our car to spain, hungary, austria, netherlands or elsewhere. If you like to get to know me and my work better, you can find me on Instagram or we can become friends on Facebook. I´d love to meet you there.

And why are you obviously here: I love photography. I can make my dreams come true with it and show others, how I see the world and how the world shows it´s beautiful sights to me. And at the end, I get memories. I´m still watching some old photo albums of my family and my childhood and I´m always so touched of it. I hope that I´ll be able to show them to my future kids so that they can see, how I was, how I am and how I wanted to be.
And that is what I want to capture on your big day. You, how you´re now, here, spontaneous, real, happy, touched and in love. And when you show these pictures to your kids in 30 years, they should see all of this. They should see you. You on one of our most amazing days, dipped in happy, timeless and bright colors. I´m happy when this is exactly what your´re looking for and when I can join you not only as your photographer, but as your friend.


Please leave me some lines about you here, how you are, what kind of plans and ideas you have for your day. If you can speak the animal language or if you like coffee or tea. I´d love to hear from you and your story!


In love and see you soon,