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Couple shoot in the streets of Altea – Cristina and Alex

Couple shoot in the streets of Altea – Cristina and Alex


This couple shoot with Cristina and Alex in the streets of Altea was such a fun. We met there for the first time but I felt immediately like I knew them for a while. It was so easy going and they had so much trust in me. Always love my couples for letting a shooting become to a friendship. We met at the small streets and just walked trough the streets of this white, old town of Altea. We didn´t really have a plan and we didn´t need one. It seemed like every corner, every street was beautiful and special. So we kind of stopped again after every spot cause there was already a new one. The streets, doors and flowers everywhere have been the perfect background for our shoot. We wanted to have a shoot more fun, easy and street style. And I guess it worked out for us.
After the session in the streets of Altea we went to the wild beach of it with white stones and Calpe as a great and dipped in rose background. It was so empty and quiet, so we could listen to the sounds of the sea and the stones rolling in and out by the waves. It felt like it was just these two lovebirds in this place, that it was only their moment, and know one, neither I, should interrupt it. Cristina was smiling all the day and always whispering “Te quiero” in Alex´ ears. We ended up with this amazing sunset and rose and warm light until it got dark. And I always think of this day with a big smile and a big thank you in mind for being so blessed with people like these two. With warm hearts and not being afraid to show and share their love for each other.

So thank you Cristina for spreading your happiness and smiling the whole day, even when the camera was off. And thank you Alex for being a great man to Cristina and for the great translation ;)

In love, Bina

Flower Bouquet: Bina | Hand dyed silk ribbons: Seidenband


Lovebirds: Cristina and Alex Bridal Bouquet: Bina Terré Silk Ribbons: Seidenband Location: Altea, Spain Year: 2017